Online Marketing

Jennifer has been online since Al Gore invented the internet.  “Not really, but I do remember arguing with my boss at a small non-profit that we didn’t need a fax machine because we had email,” she said.

It’s still like the Wild West out there and keeping up with The Next Big Thing can be overwhelming:  Facebook, mySpace, LinkedIN, Pintarest, Google+, flickr, mashable, Reddit, orkut, PPC, tumblr, Youtube, tinyURL, Adwords, Adsense, RSS, twitter, digg, yelp!  What’s in? What’s out?  And more importantly:

What’s the best way for you to reach your customers?

Contact Jennifer for a custom plan, with your business goals in mind and the right brand message that includes the mix of  email, advertising, and social media that connects you with your customers.

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