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All this new media may seem overwhelming, but whether you’re marketing your product(s), services(s), or your book(s) marketing is still about connecting with customers and building relationships;  it’s just the tools we use that have changed.


Let’s face it, products are boring; what people DO with those products, however, can be exciting, the stuff of good stories.  I can also help you maximize marketing channels such as social media, email, and online forums that will allow you to connect with your customers.


Through story telling I can help your clients get to know you.  And it’s the people behind the products and services who are interesting.  As I like to say “People do business with people.” Clients like to know there is a real person behind the company. They want to know what interests you, what tips you have, what expertise you bring.


Unless you’re a Big Name author (Barbara Kingsolver, Stephen King) with a Big Name Publisher, you probably won’t get much of a budget. And if you’re self-publishing… you’ll have to fund your entire marketing budget.  The good news is you can take advantage of technology:  Skype a book reading or meet with a book club, host twitter discussions, participate in a twitter panel discussion, join a Facebook group, contribute articles or excerpts of your book to online magazines, maintain a blog, post on Instagram, make Pintarest boards, send out an email newsletter… you don’t have to do it all and you don’t have to do it alone.

I can help you determine which channels will work for you, and I can create a marketing plan customized to your needs.


I offer developmental editing for your book project and editing or ghost writing your blog posts, articles, and email newsletters.


If you’re looking for someone to hold you accountable who will read and critique your work, offer suggestions, keep you on track, encourage you with writing prompts and craft essays, let’s talk! I love helping writers see the potential in their own work.


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