Writing Classes & Events

Ongoing Writing Classes:

 Monday Writers

Drop in for a lively writing  session filled with prompts to get your pen moving. No critique, just write and share (only if you want).  Bring your notebook and a friend:

EVERY Monday from 5:45 to 6:45 p.m.

at my home near the University of New Mexico.

This hour-long session is designed to spark new stories and give you inspiration for works in progress.  $5

If you’d like to be on the official email list, you’ll get a weekly reminder about the Drop In session, AND as a bonus, a prompt from the previous week’s session!  Sign up here: http://eepurl.com/E833T

Future Writing Classes:

Writing Grief

I companion students through 10 weeks of in- and out-of class writing exercises designed to turn the human experience of loss into a story or essay.  We will also critique our in-progress work in class in a workshop format and we’ll use published essays and stories as models and inspiration, looking at specific aspects of craft including: image, characterization, plot, and building scenes with dialog, summary, and reflection.

This is not intended to be a group therapy class, but rather a supportive space to WRITE about grief, and craft those stories.  Some writing experience will be helpful, but not required.

NOTE:  this course was successfully taught January-March 2013.

Flash Out Loud (a DimeStories workshop)

Half day workshop to focus on crafting 3-minute stories and performing those stories in front of an audience.

Dreamboard Your Story

Sometimes as a writer you need to get out of your head and away from the computer, or even your notebook…..  Using collage techniques participants will explore their stories through a new medium–designed to spark new ideas and gain insight into your  story or your characters.

(planning for 2018)

2 Replies to “Writing Classes & Events”

  1. Jenn, Sending all kinds of good luck for your new drop-in writing practice group. I love all the classes and workshops you’re offering. I’d sure be there if I lived closer.

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