Audio / Video production

My most recent audio project is a Podcast for DimeStories:


Videos that I have been involved in producing, from concept to directing and/or filming and editing can be found on YouTube:

My most recent video project was created at the Taos Summer Writers’ Conference where I filmed and edited two promotional videos celebrating the 15th year anniversary of the conference.

As a small group workshop leader at the A Room Of Her Own Retreat in August of 2011, I created a video from that workshop, What’s the Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done As a Writer, which you can also view on YouTube.

As director of marketing at my previous job I coordinated production of several How-To videos , creating storyboards, hiring  a video production team, and helping direct in-house talent (aka The Boss).   I also re-tooled a foreign manufacturer’s video which entailed stripping the audio, rewriting a script more suited to an American audience, recording digital audio, creating the intro and outro, and putting it all together. 

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