Websites and Blogs

Jennifer has worked on several websites either as primary designer/developer, project manager, contributor, or advisor:
Worked with client to set up hosting account, customized WordPress site, and trained client to add content, including photos.
Managed the overhaul this ecommerce site with over 15,000 products in more than 25 categories. The previous rendition of the website utilized outdated technology and did not have content management tools and had not been database driven, limiting the number of products that could be managed in the webstore.  Worked with in-house graphic designer and programmer.
Created the initial blog utilizing–the first blog in the welding industry.  Collaborated with in-house talent, directing custom redesign and managed the transition to a stand-alone site utilizing WordPress.  Responsible for all content from 2005-2011. Developed the popular New Rosies feature, showcasing women fabricators.
Consulted with client on hosting, content management, editorial plan, and goal setting.
Primary contributor, currently working on redesign of this WordPress powered site.
Created initial blog, directed custom design, served as editor from 2006-2011.
Created concept and all content and design for this personal creative project.
Regular contributor, “Fridays with Jenn.”

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