About Jennifer

My name is Jennifer Simpson. I’m a freelance writer, marketing consultant, and teacher.  I’m also the director of DimeStories International, a venue for authors to share their 3-minute stories aloud at open mic events and online, and I am the publisher and editor of the I WRITE BECAUSE project.

What I do

I help people tell their stories. Whether you’re  writing a short story or essay, or your company needs to share stories with customers, I can help you.


What brought me here…

In every job I’ve ever held, I’ve been “the writer” preparing procedures manuals, writing press releases, annual reports, and sales letters.  Most recently as the director of marketing for an ecommerce company that sells welding accessories I’ve written bios, blog posts, white papers, technical articles, and product descriptions.

I’ve discovered that the best way to convey information is to tell a story: products and services are boring, how people use those products and services are compelling.

I began to write for myself in 2000 when my only sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her announcement, “The biopsy came out positive,” as my granddad and I were decorating the Christmas tree brought up a lot of unresolved grief—my mother had died when I was 13, from cancer.  To say I was stunned would be an understatement.

Writing became a way for me to process my feelings and rediscover the stories of my family, and the memories of my mother that had been forgotten as we pretended that everything was fine.

Soon I found that journal writing was not enough. I wanted to craft my stories and share them with a wider audience.  I began taking classes in the community, but found that wasn’t enough either, so I headed to grad school and in 2012 I earned an MFA in creative writing from the University of New Mexico.  In the MFA program I served as managing editor for the literary journal and taught writing to undergraduate students.


What this means to you

Whether you are looking to share an experience through memoir or fiction, or whether you need to convey information about your products and services to customers, I can help you craft your stories.

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